Teamwork, Book 1, Revised & Expanded Edition

The hope is that more and more people with disabilities will realize that they can share the companionship and joy of owning a dog, and with a little work and dedication, they can learn how to make that dog a better behaved friend and companion. They don’t have to rely on someone else to do it for them, they don’t have to forego the pleasure of canine company. It is all within their grasp. The end result of Teamwork is TEAM-a person and dog who understand one another and bond strongly together. TEAMWORK concentrates on understanding your dog and learning to teach basic obedience exercises, such as sit, down, come and heel. Each exercise is explained clearly, step by step, and includes tips for people on crutches, in manual wheelchairs or power chairs. Praise and food reward are explained and emphasized. Equipment is discussed so that the novice trainer will have a better idea of what’s available.

2 thoughts on “Teamwork, Book 1, Revised & Expanded Edition

  1. Wave Wolf

    Buy this and make a commitment to succeed! I have trained German Shepherd Dogs for 40 years, and this first volume is a primer on basic dog training. I learned so much!!! Originally attracted to this series (second volume is specifically training of service dog tasks) because I became disabled, I expected not to “need” the first volume but bought it because it lays the foundation for what is imparted in the second volume. It is so clearly written, is flexible to be adapted for most disabled persons’ situations, and gives you the…

  2. M. T.

    When training is not so simple When training a dog, I have often heard people say “simply and clearly give the command and quickly give the treat.” Well it is not always that simple when you have a disablity. This book gives many alternative ways to try to train basic commands needed for a well behaved dog. While some suggestions may not work for every dog or every person, the book gives you ideas of where to start and encourages you to do what works. Before I read this book I was a little overwhelmed that I was unable to…


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