Super-Absorbent Polymer PUPPY PADS – Dog Wee Wee Housebreaking Disposable Training Pads – 100 Count

100 total Super-Absorbent Polymer technology Quilted Design puppy pads, size is 17.5 inches x 23.5 inches with sealed edges, includes plastic backing that will keep your floor DRY. Quality, puppy training pads with new SUPER-ABSORBENT POLYMER technology.

Product Features

  • Super-Absorbent Polymer technology, Quilted Design
  • Sealed Edges with Plastic backing, keeps floor DRY.
  • Standard size: 17.5″ x 23.5″
  • Package of 100
  • Brand: clear quest

3 thoughts on “Super-Absorbent Polymer PUPPY PADS – Dog Wee Wee Housebreaking Disposable Training Pads – 100 Count

  1. Landlore 888

    Absorbent, Perfect Size, Does What It’s Supposed To! I purchased these “puppy” pads for my handicapped, incontinent kitten for diaper changes and to line his bed with. The size was perfect for both jobs and the absorbency was better than I expected. These pads are better and much less expensive than the ones I bought at WalMart.As for the person who left the one-star rating, I don’t see in the description where the pad “calls” to the puppy and wasn’t aware that technology, as good as it is today, would lend itself to verbal…

  2. phil

    Great product, great price Wee wee pads are an essential part of many puppy owners training regiment (especially in the city). These pads are of the highest quality, and are currently at the best price within this marketplace.

  3. DD "bogeyboyz"

    Just as good as the name brand…at a better price These work just as well as the ‘name brand’ ones you pay a lot more for at the pet stores. They are good quality and do what they are supposed to. I will purchase these again once our puppy has finished doing his business on the ones we have now.


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