EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad 48″ x 60″

Absorbent EZwhelp pads are specially designed to wick moisture from the top quilted surface down into the soaker layer. The bottom side of the pad is coated with a waterproof barrier and brushed fabric. Lamination technology assures functionality while maintaining environmentally sound performance. Use these pads for puppy whelping, puppy training, and/or furniture protection. Fluids are absorbed and held for laundering. Washable puppy pads save you money and are good for our planet. Your real cost for these pads is pennies on a per-use basis. Save money, save the environment, and be good to your puppy or incontinent senior dog.

Product Features

  • Rounded corners minimize curling and help pads lay neatly against box or crate walls.
  • Laminated pads are the best environmental fit for low energy demand and impact.
  • Designed to maximize absorbency and minimize leaks. Waterproof bottom.
  • Long life durability through many normal wash cycles.
  • Brown stain-resistant top facing. White textured barrier (bottom side). Use with brown side UP.

2 thoughts on “EZwhelp Washable Whelping & Puppy Pad 48″ x 60″

  1. Kelly Maitland "RealMorgansRAlive"

    Pad is “skid resistant” as it states, but overall good quality I never write reviews but this product was so horrible compared to what I had expected. The description states “White skid resistant barrier”This pad slips all over the place and when our dog steps in and out of the whelping box it slides all the way up the sides and bunches up. So I never really even tried to see if it would absorb anything since it poses a danger to our dog and pups. The first danger is our dog sliding on the mat, on the way in or out and possibly falling on the…

  2. AccioFirebolt

    Gets saturated more quickly than disposable pad but overall good quality These pads are nice quality for the price. They do become saturated much quicker than disposable pads. These would be good for travel like when I take my dogs with me to the in-laws. The brown hides the stains better. If you want to use these full time, I would buy one for each day of the week especially with bigger dogs.I immediately noticed that the stains spread much quicker across the pad. With disposable pads, the stain pretty much stays where she leaves it. With this, the…


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