DOG A Diabetic’s Best Friend Training Guide: Train Your Own Diabetic and Glycemic Alert Dog

Featured on Diabetic Daily! DOG A Diabetic’s Best Friend Training Guide: Train Your Own Diabetic & Glycemic Alert Dog (Black & White Edition). Diabetes is an unforgiving disease that afflicts many Americans and globally. Science and researchers continue the quest for a cure for this potentially deadly disease that affects individuals and their families both physically and emotionally. Any dog lover will tell you the love they share with their dog is like no other, perhaps because of the therapy they provide for that individual. Today’s dog, however, is capable of so much more. They can be trained to use their instinct to the advantage of a person who is unaware that their glucose is dropping or rising to a dangerous level. These dogs are now known as Diabetic and Glycemic Alert Dogs. Diabetic and Glycemic Alert Dogs can provide a tool to better glucose control and emotional support to people who are hyperglycemic as well as those with hypoglycemia. DOG, A Diabetic’s Best Friend. Is a Diabetic and Glycemic Alert Dog Training Guide to selecting, assessing, understanding, training, and maintaining a Diabetic and Glycemic Alert Dog. The training methods used are fun, positive, and help harness the power of the human-dog bond.

3 thoughts on “DOG A Diabetic’s Best Friend Training Guide: Train Your Own Diabetic and Glycemic Alert Dog

  1. Susan Dickinson

    A Thorough Overview of DAD Training This book is a very good, thorough description of the necessary considerations, training skills and methods the reader will need to understand and utilize in order to go about training their own diabetic alert dog. I am currently training a service dog for a diabetic child, and I was very excited to see a book written by someone experienced in having & training her own DAD, but who also instructs using the modern, scientifically proven effective training techniques which include positive…

  2. MPMP "mpmp1949"

    Not for the experienced trainer If you are an experienced dog trainer and have done any scent work at all, this book is not for you.211 pages and 7 on diabetic-specific info.The rest is written for the inexperienced person who needs advice on temperament assessment, dog life-expectancy, dog physiology, dog psychology, reading the body language of dogs, positive training, targeting, generalizing alerts, chaining behaviors, etc.Having said that, it is well-written and will be very helpful to…

  3. Pack of Six "Goldens Rule"

    Bad Diabetc Alert Dog Training Advice This is a very poor training guide for learning to train a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD). In fact there is some very bad advice in this book. There are only 20 pages directly related to training a DAD in this book. The book is over 200 pages. Ridiculous!! The majority of the book is poorly written basic training. Still,OUTRAGEOUSLY Priced!!!!!!! even though they dropped the price. I think that says it all.Check out expert dog trainers like Karen Pryor, etc for basic training. Save your…


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